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Hello all! I'm new to the community, so I'm sending in my application as a way of introducing myself. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Name: Rebecca
Age: 31
Location: Maryland
Sex: Female
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Piercings/Tatoos: 6 tattoos, ears and nipples pierced

Band/Artist: Matchbox Twenty, Fountains of Wayne, Maroon 5, Disturbed, Tool, anything 80's except Michael Jackson or Madonna, Breaking Benjamin, Lacuna Coil, Shinedown, Stevie Wonder, Marilyn Manson, Prince, Rehab, Audioslave, Alice in Chains, Default, Elton John
Food: Too many to list
Drink: Diet Pepsi
Color: Blue
Sport: Baseball
Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show
TV Show: Carnivale on HBO
Smell: Whatever cologne my boyfriend wears

What's something cool about yourself?: Don't really know..
Do you play an instrument?: Yes, piano and drums
One thing you can't live without: Ouch..tough one...have to be my computer or my cell phone. Sorry...hard to pick just one
Anything else you want us to know? Nah...if you want to know something, just ask.
How'd you find out about us?:becca_says
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